Research in Autism and Developmental Disabilities (RADD Lab)

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Early Intervention Research in Michigan

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Sarah Douglas

Director of RADD Lab


The Research in Autism and Developmental Disabilities (RADD) Lab is a RADD Lab Logoresearch lab in the Human Development and Family Studies Department and is part of the Child Development Program. It is run by Dr. Sarah Douglas, and is home to both graduate and undergraduate students dedicated to research in issues related to Autism and other developmental disabilities. The RADD lab is dedicated to supporting children, their family members, and the educational teams that work with them. The RADD lab and its members are involved in many different types of projects and research, including those aimed at family functioning and support, peer relationships, school environments and curriculums, and children’s communication and functioning. They work across settings and in many different contexts, such as in family homes, in community settings, or in classrooms. Lab members are focused on publishing and presenting their work in both academic and social-based platforms. The goal of the lab is continue research, education, and outreach to these children, their families, and educational supports. We believe in the importance of the lab’s research being useful to the community and impacting directly those who participate.

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