Family Rights

Your service coordinator will support your family the entire time you're in Early On. Your service coordinator is your main contact and will: make sure your family understands your Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), help your family understand your rights (procedural safeguards), ensure that your services are delivered on time, and continuously seek appropriate services and supports to benefit the development of your child during his or her time in Early On.

Download the Early On Procedural Safeguards Protecting Families' Rights document. 

By law, you and your family have rights. These rights are protected by a processed referred to as procedural safeguards. As an Early On family, you should be familiar with your rights and entitlements under the law. 

Your Family Has the Right to: 

  • Learn if your child is eligible
  • Participate in Early On, if eligible
  • Give consent for screening, evaluation, and assessment services
  • Receive prior written notice about evaluations, or possible changes to eligibility or services
  • Have a plan of services within 45 days of referral
  • Fully understand each step in the Early On process
  • Consent to, or decline services
  • Have your child and family information protected
  • Review records
  • Help resolve disagreements
  • Submit a complaint

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